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Last Pick: Born to Run

 "Walz's art is cinematic in scope, shifting from adrenaline-inducing action scenes to evocative facial close-ups...An extraordinary sequel that is thrilling, inclusive, and unforgettable." ―Kirkus, starred review

“With daring escapes and heroic actions, this installment ratchets up the action with constant threats and higher stakes, but Walz still takes time to deepen his characters . . . A great pick for kids who have outgrown Ben Hatke's Mighty Jack series.” ―Booklist

"With Last Pick, Jason Walz has created a beautifully crafted science fiction graphic novel that is heartfelt, filled with endearing characters, and all too timely." ―New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth)

Last Pick

★ "Strong character development, atmospheric art, villainous aliens, snappy banter, cheerworthy protagonists, and well-executed suspense should give this lots of broad appeal." ―Booklist, starred review

★ "A masterful sci-fi tale with relatable characters, skillful worldbuilding, and cinematically designed illustrations that convey his message."―Kirkus Review, starred review

A Kirkus Reviews Best YA Science Fiction of 2018 Selection

"Walz’s art is accessible and deceptively simplistic, caught between being realistic and cartoony. It will appeal to kids who’ve come to love cartoons that have many of the same messages, from Steven Universe to Gravity Falls." ―Paste Magazine

"Messages about valuing all humans (from an author’s note: “Whatever the world sees as ‘different’ is exactly what the world needs”) add meaningful layers to this fast-paced adventure featuring a cast of likable heroes and creepy, memorable aliens." ―Publishers Weekly

"An action-packed story with compelling art and dialogue and a cliff-hanger ending . . . A strong pick for reluctant readers. Give to fans of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s 'Shadow Children' series or Mark Siegel’s '5 Worlds' books." --School Library Journal

“The story stands out in asking readers to consider that 'the world often has a narrow view of what success looks like.' This fun and thematically meaningful comic would be a great addition to classroom and library shelves.” ―VOYA Magazine

A YALSA Recommended Reading Great Graphic Novel

A 2020 Texas Maverick Graphic Novel

Last Pick: Rise Up

"Walz’s series has been consistently fantastic, with its inclusive worldbuilding and electrifying pacing coupled with dazzling, cinematically styled art. Throughout the series, the characters have explored what it means to be labeled “useless,” affirming the intrinsic value of those considered lesser for being different by small-minded bigots (in this case, virulent, war-hungry aliens)...An affecting and unforgettable SF series with heart."― Kirkus, starred review

"This is an adventure-filled sci-fi novel that sensitively highlights the humanity and heroism of those whom society sees as marginalized or unimportant. The characters in this dystopian landscape simply exist in their identities, free of stereotypes, while acknowledging the challenges they face... A must for fans of the earlier installments."―School Library Journal


"It's head-and-shoulders above most debut efforts I've seen, including my own."

-GENE LUEN YANG, American Born Chinese, Superman Smashes the Klan

"Jason Walz is a cartoonist with a fresh voice and an incredible grasp of what makes a story tick. You don't so much read his work as let it wash over you like a really great song or poem. I can't wait to see what he does next!"

-JEFF LEMIRE, Essex County, Sweet Tooth

"Beautiful and heartbreaking. The story will touch the hearts of anybody who reads it, and maybe help a few broken ones find the courage to mend."

-TERRY MOORE, Strangers in Paradise

"Heartfelt, touching, honest, open, and sweet."

-JEFFREY BROWN, Clumsy, Jedi Academy

"It is a caring and heartfelt memoir that touches on realities related to bereavement, anxiety, and 'moving on.'" Click here for the full review.


"In terms of narrative structure, thematic structure and emotional structure, this is a strong, effective and touching book and a solid debut." click here for the full review.

-HIGH-LOW by Rob Clough

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